Financial Consulting Provider Needs Funding to Promote Its Product

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The aim of JiaTrader is to provide maximum client profit and minimize risk in the online financial market. Funding is required to promote it in any part of the world.


The product is an Expert Advisor for Online Forex Trading with MT4, called JiaTrader. It is the product of а group of expert Financial Consulting Providers offering solutions for Forex traders and investors.JiaTrader can bring to the clients more than 30% profit on their investment.

JiaTrader can trade minimum of 3 currency pairs of client’s choice. Once a copy of JiaTrader is been created, one cannot change the currency pair. Thus while ordering it is the client’s responsibility to ensure the currency of their choice (No CFD Metals allowed in combination with the currency pair).
It has been taken more care to a deal, observing all kinds of Market Behavior such as Long Term Trade, Short Term Trade etc.
The Buy/Sell trade is handled so accurately, analyzing the Market Conditions and Behavior, so that only profits are made.
The trade is entered along with a Stop Loss only, which trails automatically.
The Profit booking is also handled very sensitively, so that even in adverse conditions the profit is booked at decent margins.
Moreover, the trading process requires no monitoring. You can just turn on the JiaTrader and do your work, and JiaTrader will do its work on its own.
Make sure that your system runs 24*7 or it is advised to hire a VPS at a decent cost ($20 - $25 per month). Hire a VPS...NOW...!!!!

Theft Control:

Placing an Expert Advisor on a VPS or on any computer may create risk of theft for the Expert Advisor. But with JiaTrader you don’t have to worry about the theft, because we create a JiaTrader for every individual client, so that a particular JiaTrader will work with a specific MT4 account only. If someone has stolen your JiaTrader, it will not work.
With the capabilities of JiaTrader we can start a stock advisory, Portfolio Management with effective and profitable return.

Target Market:
As JiaTrader is capable of analyzing any kind of market, we can promote JiaTrader in any part of the world.

Revenue Generation:

In Forex automated trade we charge 40% of profit generated by JiaTrader. In Stock Advisory and Portfolio Management Services we have to model it.

JiaTrader is a complete Product, funding is required only to promote it. An Investor can check JiaTrader's capacity to generate profit in a demo version.

Offering to the Investor: negotiable on sharing.

Competitive Advantage

There are lots of products in this market; however the potentiality of making profit is greater with JiaTrader. Our product is designed so that it would enter into trade when there is potential in the market. The profit making is the real advantage of JiaTrader. And we can expect the same kind of trade with JiaTrader all throughout, because JiaTrader deals with the Financial Market in a professional way. In a month it enters into trades only 4-5 times a month where as other products enter into trades daily. Thus other products cannot be considered as competitors to JiaTrader. Moreover JiaTrader can predict great moves that can happen once or twice in a year. Because of this feature no one can compete with us.

Rationale for the deal

We can sell JiaTrader to any client or corporate company, or we can make a deal of 20-40% share on profits or we can just be an Adviser or we can have a Portfolio Management Service. Or any kind of new Idea's that come across in future.

There are others who have made profits out of this businesses such as City Bank and Goldman Sachs.

I have 10 years experience in the stock, commodity and currency market.

Use of financing

We need funding to promote JiaTrader through advertisement and promotions, so that we could conduct meetings on investment and acquire clients in any parts of the world.

We started this project in Nov' 2009. We have invested for the past 32 months. Thus we need Finance only to promote JiaTrader.

Opportunity for the investor

We offer guaranteed and attractive ROI. The details of the deal we shall negotiate with the investor.

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