Financial Services Distribution & Consulting

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Incorporated 2 years ago company already having a over a decade of expertise and skills into financial services & advisory crossed it breakeven within 6 months of start-up heading for at an advance level to explore and team building for sales & marketing activities to boost the top line as well as the bottom line.

It’s a low cost model carrying a moderate risk towards the advisory & financial services the revenues are far better in sync with the industry.

The cash payback period is between 2-3 years maximum ROI is workable fairly 20-30% P.A.

A niche market player calculating risk reward ratio its safe to be in the market provided sales & marketing is constant refuelled.

Opportunity for the investor is a capital protected in most cases and carries a decent return as far as real return is calculated on a moderate mode.

This should sell as it targets the mass, local. Every individual needs this.

This project is already working fairly decent and stagnant should be up scaling if the funding is infused at the right time right place right vision for growth & strategy is concerned.

Additional funding is needed for the marketing & sales promotions & development for the new team to be ready for next level of growth carried upon.

Competitive Advantage

Lots of direct / indirect players are involved but its always about patience & sustainability with a low cost & the right strategy to fit in & to stay longer in the area of expertise.

Attitude & approach and different mind-set to take things with a vision can change lot of things.

Sustainable and do-able model growth is for sure in the model of business.

Rationale for the deal

Opportunity grow at large as long term relationships are valued too also the returns to investor should'nt be disappointing.

Money should be made by both at large by entreprenur as well as the investor a win win situation for both in terms of risk reward too.

Every dominant players are making money at large.

Use of financing

Investment should be required to fund the operation, marketing, largely at sales.

Expansion is what required at this stage no specific reason to sell.

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