Full Insurance Cover and Very High Returns on Your Investments

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are the only company in India that gives 100% insurance cover against your investments. Join with us and change your life with 100% secure income.

We are one of the leading financial companies dealing with online Demat linked trading of stocks, commodities, precious metals, gold and crude oil.

We are offering very high returns on investmens with full insurance cover along with high return of bonus.

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Competitive Advantage

The only company in India that gives 100% insurance cover against your investments.

Rationale for the deal

We provide with a detailed chart on how you get return on your investments.
Units can be invested in multiples of 10000 and the fixed returns on investments without bonus will be given on pro-rata basis based on the chart. Bonus will be declared on an annual basis by providing the financial charts to you after income tax, service tax, TDS deductions and you can claim refund on TDS from the relevant authorities.

Lock in period for your investment is minimum one year as the insurance cover is been provided on an annual basis and can be renewed subsequently. Barring insurance cover you are allowed for withdrawals on an early basis with a nominal charge.

Opportunity for the investor

Invest in gold, stock, commodities, crude oil and currencies and get high returns in the range of 5% monthly.

Your investment will be secured with 100% insurance cover and we will provide all the legal documents such as agreement on stamp paper duly notarized and registered along with post dated checks to cover the investments and profits to all the investors.

We declare bonus to all our clients on a pro-rata basis based on our profits on investments on an annual basis.

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