Investment Partnership Opportunity in the Indian Equities Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are going to start an Investment Partnership, which invests in both fundamentally and technically strong companies in India.

I am a very successful trader from India with an excellent track record of 50% annual returns in the last 6 years. I achieved these results employing statistically sound and proven strategies, keeping the volatility of the account very low. In the beginning stages of my career, I experimented with various strategies. After this experimentation, I feel that investing in companies which are already going up for the last 3 to 12 months is the safest and least stressful strategy. As I gained confidence in this strategy, I am going public to raise money for implementing this strategy on a larger scale.

Competitive Advantage

If one wants to invest in the stock market, the only options available are large mutual funds and hedge funds, which can't deliver exceptional returns to their investors because of the sheer size they have to manage.

Given the small size and start-up nature of our company a partnership with us is a unique opportunity to participate in the growing equity market in India. Because of our small size, we are nimble enough to deliver exceptional returns to our investors when compared to large funds. It is not the fault of the large mutual funds to deliver average returns because the money they have to manage runs into billions and respectively they have to stay invested in a company for many years. In contrast, our maximum holding period is a few months and we can easily shift our funds in favour of a more promising opportunity.

Rationale for the deal

Your investment has minimum risk because you are investing money with a very successful trader who employs extremely safe strategies which have been proven to work exceptionally well over many decades across various economies. If one looks at 100 years of data in various countries' stock markets, these strategies delivered very high returns. One more precaution we take is that we don't invest more than 10% of our capital in a single stock no matter how attractive it may look in the beginning. Thus there is not much stress involved even during highly volatile environments.

Opportunity for the investor

Despite high expected returns, the company will take only 33% of the profits and the investor will get 66%.

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