Looking for Investor for Educational Policy Concept , India

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am looking for finance to complete Educational Policy Concept (for child dream education, parents need to secure financially).

In our nation, most population is from rural area, and families annual income is not sufficient. Educational fees are very high,and practically they are out of
middle class range. So parent’s pressurised child. Then how child give better and own dream education?
In India, mostly population is young; they want to fly, am sure they are capable.
With the proposed educational concept concept, I just try to help our nation parent’s to give dream education to child, with the help of Indian Government and Insurance companies. Now in Insurance sector, 49% FDI is granted.

Educational policy concept will help each year approx 1.85 Cr students in India.

Competitive Advantage

Looking finance (3,00,00,000 INR) for 4 yrs term, will return totally after 4 yrs basic+profit = 6,00,00,000 INR

Use of financing

To complete concept

Opportunity for the investor

100 percent double in 4 yrs, also name in concept as a investor.

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