Opening an Online Investment Company Securing Earnings from Banks

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I want to setup an online investment company. For this purpose I would require $15000 USD. I will use the initial investment to set up the project.

I would then require the remaining amount for marketing and advertising. I will target online active investors and will be giving them a fixed ROI, much higher than banks. I will register a company in US. Please do see my full project description.

Here are some FAQs and details of the project:

How will this project work?

Investors’ capital is invested in international or nationalized banks. They return high ROI through a trade program. This however requires a certain minimum amount, in some banks it is 2cr and in some it is even high as 20 cr.

This investment opportunity of mine will offer people fixed ROI for very small equity. This is my main investment strategy - I can collect investments from many such investors and do trade programs with banks.

The budget of this project is high as it requires high advertising to get potential investors from all around the world.

Initially, the project will be advertised in financial sites in US/UK/India. I will be even launching a TV commercial for better results (but not after launch of the project, when the site will be online for at least 1 year so that I can get BBB accredited, and also for getting better investments from individuals)

How much profit do we get?

Suppose the Bank gives 120% in 8 business days, we will offer 8% interest to our investors in 12 days or so. The rest 10% of the deposits is our profit (consider those 2% in transfers to and fro E-Payment Processors)

What should I need to do?

You just need to invest with me, and then sit back. I will do all the work and give you weekly reports.

Has anyone tried this project?

Yes, there is one successful online company which has already gained 100,000 investors worldwide, but I have a better business model than that and also I have tons of other advantages which just makes my proposal a unique thing

This seems to be a joke, if everyone tries this business model then you can even find millionaires on the street!

There are many who had tried to open such project, buy they failed because they didn’t have any source by which they can make money out of those investments. Many didn’t have a professional project, so investors didn’t seem to be interested with them. And last but not least, they didn’t even advertise in public financial sites or televisions so many didn’t get trust from investors.

How soon you want to start your project?

I would like to start it within next week, I will set up the online project within 40 days, then I would require the rest amount for mass advertising and also for reserving the funds as backup.

How is my Investment secure?

You can invest by PayPal, I can also provide you my PAN card and phone utility bill (once you invest small amounts out of $15000).

Even I can do this project, why would I need to invest with you?

This is a good question: I have spent weeks and months of calculations to make the project stable and not a "Ponzi scheme".
There were 2-3 companies who earned $50 million+ with these types of projects, but they were bankrupted as they didn’t have any source of making money out of the investments. And also, I have some stunning plans, which will surely make a revolution in the online investment sector!

Use of financing

Company set up, adverising, securing a back up fund.

Opportunity for the investor

This is a secure investment. I am willing to get dedicated investors, so that setting up ads in TV commercial, and expanding business by buying offices abroad can be easier.

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