Investment Project for Managed Forex Accounts

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company specializes in mathematical system trading on currencies and indices. Trend analyzing system’s calculations are based on over 30 years of historical data. We are managing Managed Forex Accounts for past 22 years and paid average returns of 35% per annum for past 10 years.

Managed Forex Accounts has paid for past 10 years average profit of 35% per annum. The company specializes in mathematical system trading on currencies and indices. All investments are placed exclusively in top volume markets with 24 hour trading desks.

Here is the brief how Managed Forex Accounts are operated

Individual Accounts: Each client maintains a separate account registered in his name with the account carrying broker. Joint and corporate accounts are available as well. we does not accept any funds.

Client’s Funds Safety: Sets a high value on discretion and the safety of our clients’ funds and co-operate with renowned brokers only.

Funding / Commissions:
Minimum investment is $20,000 for "4 hours data system".
Minimum investment is $100,000 for "daily data system".
Forex and CFD trading is commission free.

Transparency of Business Relation: All clients have real time access to their accounts and trades clients' accounts with a limited power of attorney.

Limited Power of Attorney: allows for the supervision and trading of the client's account. This power of attorney does not allow for the withdrawal of funds.

Account Opening Administration: The account opening procedure with the account carrying broker is very easy. To prove identity, all clients are invited to send a copy of their passport.

Incentives: For the alignment of our trading system and control of the account around the clock, we levies an incentive fee of 20 % based on net trading profits, calculated month end to month end, including open position valuations. This fee will be charged monthly in arrear.

Risk Information: Due to the leverage effect of the forex- and futures markets, a relatively small movement of the price can have a proportionally larger impact on the funds. This may work for you, as well as against you. These investment types are of speculative nature. Past performance is not necessarily indicative for future results. The alignment of our trading concept includes any possibilities to reduce the risk, simultaneously optimizing earnings. Nevertheless, the typical risk in futures/forex trading remains a fact. Please study carefully the account opening forms of the broker for additional risk information.

Advantages to Investors:

Strategy: Long term over average results with its mathematical trend analyzing system. Our clients are thus always positioned at the market in the respective trend cycles and profits can be generated by rising as well as by decreasing prices.

Flexibility: Although it is recommended an account be kept as a long-term investment, clients have control over their accounts at all times. Without notice, a personal account can be closed, withdrawals can be made or further assets can be added.

Tax Burden: Incomes from savings accounts, bonds, funds etc. are subject of income taxes. This tax burden diminishes the performance substantially. The capital profits from managed accounts are free of income taxes in many countries of the world.

Fortune Formation: No fees or commissions and the account carrying with the broker is free of charge.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Generated a stable returns of 35% p.a from last 10 years. Also attached is file to check the returns generated over the period of time

4foursDataportofolio.jpg file displays returns generated by 4 Hours data portofolio.

dailydataportfolio.jpg file displays return generated by Daily data portofolio.

Rationale for the deal

I am IB (Introducing Broker) of this company from last 3 years and promote company Managed accounts by introducing new investor. As a result, I help company to grow their business and revenues and in return i get commision from the company.

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