Offline Wallet to Be Utilized by Any ATM Machine

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

These days people are carrying abundant number of debit /credit cards.To
reduce that weighing all those cards in their wallet we are planning to issue
a all in one debit cum credit management card. That card they can use and pay the amount based on their prioritization of money fetching cards and this card can be utilized in any ATM machine.

1.Capturing Offline market massively with just one card.
2.This card can be utilized any number of times through out the India
at any ATM machine irrespective of the bank accounts.
3.Providing all kinds of online services including net banking.
4.Sending money instantly from one bank to another bank instantly.
5.Finally "one card" for all payments throughout India.

Competitive Advantage

1.For any transaction we will just take 1 Re as service charege that will keep us
one of the big MNC's of India.

Rationale for the deal

1.Become board of directors
2.Share Prrofits.

Use of financing

Its fully going to be used in all phases from starting to ending.

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