UATM - Universal ATM Transfer Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Project makes cash mobility and availability fast and easy anytime and anywhere through universal ATM (UATM) machines. As a result, the ATM users (bank card holders) will be able to get money anytime anywhere across the world for free. Moreover, the major benefit from the project will be to the banks since they will have ATM machines everywhere without the need to maintain them. The project needs start-up investment.

Under the UATM project the company will have ATM machines across every city through which the Users will be able to swap the cast without any charges.

The problem of the banks is that they cannot have ATM machines available to users everywhere in India, thus their account holders have to pay Rs 20 / transaction after they have reached the limit of 5 transactions with the other ATM machines.

Thus outsourcing the ATM service will make it easy and cheap for the banks.

The banks which will be clients of our service will have to pay rent for the machines but a number of bank users will be able to make transactions from the same ATM machine so it will be cheap for the banks and will provide a good facility to the Account Holders of the bank.

I have the complete project documentation. Please feel free to contact me for the project. The investors in the project will be offered a place in the board of directors and also will be given the power to work actively in the project if they demand so.

Competitive Advantage

Our major competitors are the banks that have major branches and are well positioned across the country or internationally. Thus we have to maintain the balance by capturing banks that work locally and those banks that are national but are striving in the market.

Rationale for the deal

Calculation is based on single ATM machine and is in Indian currency.

One Time Expense:
ATM Machine place deposit: 100000
ATM Machine 80000
A/C : 25000
Construction Ex: 25000

Total 1 time expense: 230000

Monthly rent: 15000
Maintenance charges: 10000
Money transfer charges: 20000

Monthly Expense: 45000

We will charge the banks the following amounts:

ATM machine deposit: 25000 /Machine

Monthly rent: 15000 / machine

Thus, looking at the figures if a bank wants its own ATM machine it has to pay a 1-time charge of 2 laks 30 thousand and an average of 45 thousand every month.

Whereas if they take our ATM machines to transfer the service they will just have to pay 25 thousand to add a new machine and 15 thousand as a rent every month. And they also won't have to worry about the machine.

We can earn revenue in the following manner: If there are 10 banks that can buy 1 ATM machine and the holders of accounts in those banks can withdraw money from the same ATM machine, then our net income will be 1 lakh 50 thousand and our expense will be just 45 thousand.

Use of financing

This will be a long statement that can be discussed with team which will research the market for the best cost effective materials .

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