Tissue Culture Laboratory

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The Biotechnology Industry is on the boom. Better hybrids are the only option given the changing environment. Species on extinction are in the highest demands. Land is limited and requirements are increasing.

In all, we need tissue culture labs to cater for the third world requirements.

What the project is about:

• Hybrid Explants
• Better quality seeds
• High yielding varieties for farmers
• Better and good looking varieties of flowers

ROI: from the 6th month of the project commencement

Opportunity: high demand and no supply

Why this will sell: This is the only option for the future as land is limited and requirement is not met for nutrition.

Current stage: Seed (proposal) stage

Competitive Advantage

There is no limit for competition in this project, the more you grow the more you are to deliver - there is no saturation point.

The project is advantageous and high-potential because there are government policies promoting such types of projects, I have the land best suited for the project implementation, and I am a Doctorate in this field.

Once established and started continuous improvement will always be required to cope with the competition.

Rationale for the deal

I will act as a working partner for the project.
The Investor can fix the margins accordingly.
It is proven that this type of business is profitable.
Profits are unlimited and everyone involved will be gaining from them.

Use of financing

For infrastructure and marketing

Looking for similar investment opportunities