Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Start-Up in Delhi

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This investment project is to start a new call centre in Delhi, which serves the foreign clients of UK, USA, Australia by completing the requirements of the client.

As everyone knows that call centre is the booming industry in today world so we have thought why not to open a call centre, which will provide the services and product according to the requirement.

The payback period for the money is 1 year max as it is a very good industry and we have many clients, top of that as we have a very big experience in the call centre field but-we are lacking in funds.

So if there is any one who is ready for the investing the money in business let us know on the given information.

As we require money for open our own centre, which will cut the CTC of agents and would be helpful to us to increase the profit.

Investors can talk to me on Merar Investment Network.

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