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An Idea which is not new to the corporate world but strategically designed to beat the current market and compete well with the big names. A BPO set up in Chennai which includes customer service, medical transcription, debt collection,data entry etc.The start up would be with 25 seats and will be expanded in a span of 6 months.

Defined simply, BPO is the preparation,capture,warehouse, ret rieval and utilization of information for an organization. Data processing is accompanied by ext racting information from a current or cust om designed form, fax, cat alogue, book, elect ronic media or an on-line ent ry syst em, while simult aneously offering an int ernet -based dat a ent ry and query service. This service bureau concept alleviat es t he need for onsit e dat a ent ry personnel, Optical Charact er Recognition (OCR) software and hardware while ensuring the utmost integrity, accuracy and security.

Knowledge Process Out sourcing (KPO) is t he high-end services in out sourcing and it concerns t he application of knowledge t o business processes compared to low level skills in bottom-line BPO.
The lit erat ure is very rich in explaining t he concept s of out sourcing and two such concepts have been identified to explain the scope of the industry.

The product of this business is quality service to both international and domestic clients,Its basically an ITES proposal where the idea is to start a 25 seater contact center which provides services like customer service, debt collection, medical transcriptions, online form filling for renowned clients from all over the world.

The target markets are the US and the UK due their high number of outsourcing companies and good returns. Other potential markets includes Australia, Canada and New Zealand. As we are starting up new the first business strategy would be to run two international and 1 domestic process which would have a hardcore marketing strategy in the proposed location of the business. Both offline and online marketing would be done in order to gain the expected revenue.

An experienced team in this field is ready to work with the investment provided and yield very good results. The physical location of the business will be sorted out in a centralized location where there wont be any complications encountered in finding the required work force or the resources. The location where the company would be set up has a good telecom infrastructure ,and the location is very easily accessible which cuts out the transportation charges too. Contacts with good training institutes will be signed to get the new recruits trained in order to provide the desired quality in service.

A good client base exists which has been a result of our experience and good business development skills.Ones the process is up and running then there is a 100% assurance that the revenues will be par excellence.

My sincerest thanks for taking the time and reading the summary,we assure your your time and investment wont go fruitless if a single oppurtunity is provided .

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