Consultancy Firm Start-Up in India Looking For An Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Scope of business: I have some projects at hand , I have an authority to sell 5L M.
Tons of heavy vehicles scrap.
Some commercial land proposals.

My office handle the products like :

1.Scrap metals (present at hand)

2.Commercial land (present at hand)

3.Special jungle herbs (for selected diseases)

4.Some special industrial products (present at hand)

5.Financial consultancy

6.Oil & natural gas (if some is interested to work with G. of India, we can offer full consultancy & services)

My office targeted areas are India & Middle east + African countries.

I am expecting minimum 1% consultancy charges.

Funding needed for 12 months & I can offer Investment + 50% Profit all in one time.

But I can't give any personal property to guarantee, because I don't have anything to give guarantee.

Opportunity for the investor

One time investment and one time profit (after 12-months period, collect investment amount plus 50% More).
Example: Invest an amount of US$1000, and after 12 months get US$1500/ or Invest and collect share on 10% every year profit up to 3 Years..

Final year investor can collect Investment +10% profit..

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