HumanCapital Employment Center Looking for Equity / Debt Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Humancapital aims to create 100,000 full time jobs and is therefore now looking to raise Equity / Debt fund to scale marketing and sales operations in entire India.

HumanCapital provides Human Resource Development, Consulting, and Outsourcing services supported by the Employment Centre. HumanCapital employment center is coming up with a personalized service world-wide, where employment & training services are provided at lowest cost.

HumanCapital will provide Human Resource Development, HR Consulting, HR Outsourcing, HR Analytics, HR Productivity tools supported by Employment Centers in every part of the country through business partner network. The HumanCapital Employment Centre offers personalized services to individuals across the country using Telephone, Chat, Email and Video 24*7 in all major languages at affordable price level to help them to earn more with improved information to enhance and apply their skills and knowledge for right job.

HumanCapital as innovative organization is growing at rapid rate and is looking for suitable investors who have core interest in Human Resource Development to fund and fuel the next level of growth and sustainability.

Competitive Advantage

HumanCapital has innovative business model, and have an operational presence in all 626 districts in India with thousands of authorized consultants working in a collaborative partnership model.

Rationale for the deal

India has 43.6 crore people who work in the unorganized sector. This Project helps to organize the unorganized sector. The services will be provided at the customer's doorstep.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to different forms of investment and collaboration.

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