Equity Investment Sought for the Expansion of a BPO Business in India

Opportunity Snapshot

Equipped office space

Investment Opportunity

The company is looking for investment of up to $40,000. The funds will be raised on profit sharing basis and the investor will gain up to 10% for lifetime.

We want to expand our BPO business pan India. We are currently working in the Financial Services & Telecom sectors. We are looking for investment of up to $40,000 and would like to raise funds on profit sharing basis of up to 10%.

We are a domestic BPO service provider currently servicing the Telecom and Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Industries (BFSI). One of our client in the BFSI sector is NCR, the leasing ATMs provider.

Competitive Advantage

We work for domestic brands and support them in the fields of Product Sales & Customer Service. This has developed our potential to serve a large number of customers across all customer categories.

Rationale for the deal

We work on variable per-sale revenue generation model and are currently generating revenue up to Rs. 2cr annually.

The current investment round will enable us expand our business and multiply our revenues.

Opportunity for the investor

We currently want to expand pan India and need funds for the same. We would like to raise funds on a profit sharing basis. We can offer investors up to 10% of the company's profits for lifetime.

Image Source: Flickr CC, Author: Ram Balmur

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