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Investment Opportunity

I have been working on this project for 6 months now. I have 4-5 companies that I am recruiting for and I am into negotiations with a few more. The idea is to become an ace in providing manpower solutions to all types of industries. I require an investment of 300000/- for the expansion of my firm.

So far I have been keeping the business safe and steady and earning what is enough for Running the business. Now as the prospects of the business are really high I am looking for an investor who can invest the required sum and also take initiative for growth of the business (if the investor is interested).

I am already into negotiations with around 5 more multinational companies to help them with their manpower requirements. We generally charge 8.33% of the annual CTC of an employee which is payable to us by the companies in between 90 days from the date of joining of the candidate. We willingly negotiate on our remunerations if the company is ready to pay us in a short span.

I have a state of art facility on Bangalore - Mumbai bypass near Chandani Chowk (Pune) which I have rented out with a web development company. We have separate Interview Rooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms and all the other facilities that make it easier even for the companies to conduct their interviews at our premises. At present I have two employees who are looking after the regular Resume sourcing and shortlisting candidates.

I need a foresighted investor who will have faith in me and my firm. I on the other hand can assure good returns on the investment.

The cash payback period will be 1 year. The investment of 300000/- will fetch the investor a minimum return of 9990/- every month for the whole year and a surplus if we make more than 125000/- for the month. The surplus will be paid at the end of the year @2.5% over the investor’s minimum return of 9990/- every month.

This will help the investor make around 119880/- minimum over his principle investment in a year, and even more than that if we make more than 125000/- for a month.

I am seeking this additional funding as a basic working capital for the firm.

Competitive Advantage

Due to the nature of the business we do have plenty of competitors.
In this industry everyone can have their share of the cake. It depends on how you can be the first and most efficient one to provide and help companies with their requirements.

One needs to be prompt and should understand the clients’ requirements very well.

Sending candidates who are not perfectly suitable for the requirements will not help you grow. One need to identify and shortlist candidates effectively and if the conversion rate with the client is good you are the preferred one.

Initiative, Understanding, Promptness, and Handwork here is the Key, and we have it.

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity is good as I have already begun the work and successfully done some recruitment for a few companies. It all depends on the conversion rate that you have.

If we get a minimum of 10 candidates placed in 1 month we get around a month’s salary from each. Our earnings depend on the salary of a candidate and also on the number of placements in a month. The prospects are great and like I mentioned earlier Handwork is the key.

Use of financing

Investment is needed as working capital for the firm. We do have our liabilities as salary for the employees and Office Rent etc. And as I have mentioned earlier the remuneration from the companies can take up to 90 days.

Opportunity for the investor

I am looking for a Debt Investment.
The overall Loan amount will be 300000/- for 1 year.
The rate of interest is variable.

I am willing to offer 3.33% of the total investment a month as a fixed return plus a surplus @2.5% of what we earn provided our earnings are over 125000/-for a month.

The surplus will be calculated only for the months when we earn more than 125000 and will be 2.5% of our earnings for that month. Example: if we make 130000/- for a month, the investor gets an additional 3250/- for that month over his 9990/-.

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