Ground Calcium Carbonate Coated and Uncoated

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Chemical
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $5,500,000 / min. $4,200,000

Investment Opportunity

The project basically produces a product which is substiture of PCC and ACC which are proving to be costly. The methodology for the same is such that eliminates a number of steps involved in te oherwise produced Calcium Carbonate. Currently not produced in India, all are imported from Malaysia and Vietnam.

This project will elemenate the otherwise complex method of producing PCC and ACC used extensively in varied industries ranging from rubber to paper, to chemical processing to PVC Pipe, to paint industry and construction materials and so on and so forth.

Also the raw material procurement would be totally imported from other countries, details of which would be provided in future meetings.

Very important aspect is that currently it is only being imported from other nations and has no manufacturing capacity in India.

The demand for the same is very high considering that the PCC and ACC proves to be very costly compared to this product.

Also this product has a good forward and backward integration scope, making it less saturation effective to global demand slowdown or demand satuation beyond a point.

However it is to be noted that export of the same can be done only to few selected countires in middle east or africa, where the manufacturing facility is either not there or is insufficient. Also anther reason being that they would prefer importing from India considering the closer proximity and less seal and infrastructure cost.

The approximate pay back period for the same is estimated to be around 4 years and a startup time of 1 year from the date of commencement of construction.

Competitive Advantage

The details of the project would be and could be discussed at length at the time of further discussions.

Rationale for the deal

World wide the demand of this product has increased significantly and companies and players involved in this are making safe return on investment.
Also this is all the more suitable for India considering the growth aspect in this country and presumably its less exposure to international slowdown.

Use of financing

The investment require would be of Capital in nature and is required to start the construction and implementation of the plant facility.

Once the project gets approved principally from the investor, then all the other parametes would be discussed and total layout regarding the working and progress of plant constructions and fund allocation would be discussed.

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