BPO Project in Delhi Seeking Investor on Profit Sharing Basis

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am planning to establish a 30-seater BPO in Delhi and I am searching for a silent partner to support me financially. We will share up to 10% of the company’s profit.

India has transformed into the global outsourcing center of choice. To meet the existing demand, we are planning to start a BPO unit.

We’re going to serve organizations in the US, UK and Australia and Canada.
These are clients who we are sure will bear testimony, to the hard work and dedication we have put into our efforts in order to help them achieve targets once thought impossible

Revenue Generation Forecast: 1 Crore+ INR per year

Our BPO unit would be of 30 seats excluding the Team Leaders and Quality Assurance staff and Office Staff.

Starting Investment Needed: 40K USD

Rationale for the deal

A typical BPO unit set-up requires following:

1. Room/office etc.
2. Computer and Server set-up including various software.
3. Broadband Connectivity, preferably a leased line.
4. At least one IT technician/engineer for each shift.
5. At least one person with managerial skills (Team Leader) for each shift.
6. Educated workforce young people ready to work in shifts.
7. In most cases, English language skills, at least good reading and writing skills

A building is available on rent and is not to be bought or constructed.

Use of financing

Resources Required
• Rented building as our corporate office.
• Rented 33 Desktops, 3 Servers.
• Routers, switches, firewall etc. and network cabling.
• Appropriate software Operating Systems, Sever Application,
• Database Application etc.
• Workstations.
• Air Conditioned Server Room.
• Electrification.

Opportunity for the investor

Total investment in would be approximately Rs.20 to 30 lakhs Indian currency.

As our silent partner we will provide you profit of up to 40% after the first quarter, and up to 10% of the profit each quarter afterwards.

If any investor is interested be our partner then we will share 10% of the total company profit till lifetime.

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