Company from the Booming Tech Support Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Technical support company from India which is already making revenues is looking for financing.

Our strenght and strategies?

• Market Potential is there and people have grown like anything in this industry however no one lasts longer if customer service and Innovation is not there.
• Tapping new English Speaking customer markets other than US
• Adding more support categories like MAC Support, Android Support, Smartphone support.
• New and Innovative Marketing Strategies for better customer acquisition.

What we have done so far?

• Tried US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
• Found Great campaigns which assures better return of Investment
• Have a customer base of almost 350.
• 99% First Call Resolution.
• Great team with great understanding of all the processes.
• Minimised the customer acquisition cost by almost 50% in 6 months.

Investors can contact us for more information. Investment presentation is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

Great understanding of all the processes regarding this business ranging from Sales, Technical, Marketing to Customer retention, Customer Acquisition and Management.

Proven Track record of great customer service and processes to acquire customer in a very cost effective manner.

Great ideas and innovations on the way due to power of experimenting at the early stage of venture.

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