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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have a distributorship of anti-virus software for the whole Gujarat region and we are also willing to buy a distributorship of memory flash cards and RAM for the regions of Gujarat and Surat. We will be also selling and providing services directly to the customers, including individuals as well as offices and companies.

1) We will be providing sales and services to the market of South Gujarat (at the initial stage).
2) We have a distributorship of anti-virus software, for which we will be the regional distributor for Gujarat.
3) We are also in negotiations about getting the distributorship of memory cards and flash drives as well as RAM, which are going well, so we will be planning to trade these products too.

The Anti - Virus software is unique and has great features. The most important thing is that it is offering great rates and there is a wide range of margin for the wholesalers and retailers. This will attract the consumers.
The company is committed to provide good Add support and a sales executive who will be on a company payroll.

Regarding the Flash memory and Cards, the distributor who is working at a national level is willing to provide us the supplies in Surat and will be leaving the complete region for us to generate the business. The product is new to the market but the price is really low and the margin here is again good for the wholesalers and retailers which will be attracting them.

We will be providing the sales and services directly to the customers. We will be able to easily cover our expenses and directly reach the market.

Competitive Advantage

There are many competitors within the market with stable positions. Therefore, it will take some time for us to acquire our market share but yet it is easy to accomplish as currently the market for the anti-virus software has crashed and people are facing problems. Furthermore, the company is going to provide Ads and other necessary materials required in the market.

Rationale for the deal

The Product selling price is 1000 Rs in the market. We receive the product at the price of 225 and are eligible to sell it in the market at price of up to 300 / piece. Now the retailer can sell it for up to 1000 Rs on his will. Thus our profit can vary according to the order we receive from the market.

Use of financing

Company registration - 60000 Rs
Shop rent - 50000 Rs
Furniture and other expenses - 40000 Rs
Company deposit for software - 50000 Rs
Product Buying Hardware and - Software 400000 Rs
6 Months Advertising for Hardware and Networking Services - 100000 Rs
The Remaining amount is being added for the rotation of the business as required.

Opportunity for the investor

We offer equal partnership to the investor. He may stay close to the business and indulge himself with the working process if he wants to or he can act as a sleeping partner. After 6-8 Months we will work to slowly pay back the funding to the investor.

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