Global IT Services and Solutions Company Looking for Capital

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are an experienced software development firm that has been providing high-scope technical solutions since 2006. We are looking for a capital raise of USD 2,000,000.

We have successfully executed many projects for local and international clients within various technologies, platforms, domains and industries. We build customize software for medium to large enterprises. We have built a great team with deep expertise in various systems and applications specifically in the area of Microsoft and Java technologies. We have handpicked experts in development, testing and program management who can tackle complex problems and build easy to use and great solutions. Our focus is Microsoft technologies, PHP, Java and testing. We have help our clients providing assistance in the following service areas:

• Application Development & Maintenance
• Outsourced Product Development
• E-Commerce Development
• Managed IT Consulting
• QA & Testing

We are looking for a capital raise of USD 1,500,000 to USD 2,000,000 as a part of investment for expanding our Professional Services and Consulting Services and product development.

Funds raised will be used at the full length for the company expansion in the areas of professional and consulting services in Java, .Net and Android and development of 3 software products based on Online Ordering System and Online Appointment System.

Most of the Funds will be utilized for the product development and marketing which intends us becomes a solution builder in fact.

Interested investors can contact us for more information.

Competitive Advantage

To highlight where we are now, here are some quick facts about us:

• Over Six years of experience in software development
• Successfully executed software projects globally across various technologies, platforms, domains and industries
• Over 2000 sq. feet of state-of-the-art office space
• Partnerships with Microsoft
• Over 25 team members and growing

As of January 2012, we had four enterprise customers. These customers are in four different verticals: Windows Management, Financial, Education and Analytics.

The Future

Technology – We are constantly developing new expertise in up and coming technologies. Some of our new forays include developing mobile applications for iPhone and Android; Software-as-a-Service offering in Small Medium Businesses and using the Co-Operative Banking platform; Cloud computing, Online Ordering System and Online payment solutions.

Offices – We have plans for incorporating an US office as well to better serve our clients needs and source more projects/contracts.

Partnerships – We are constantly on the look out for like-minded partners globally to build win-win relationships. We are willing not just to provide services to our clients but to share your risks so that they can concentrate on building a successful business.

Team – We are building up a great and talented team to further our leadership and growth. We are constantly on the lookout for the new talents to join our talented team.

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for an equity investment where we can offer up to 40% equity shares of the company.

We have the complete business plan which summaries the financials and the revenue projections for the next 5 years where the inverter can be benefited 5-10 folds of the investment.

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