Games Application Startup Seeking USD10-30,000 to Launch New Products

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We need funding to create top brands, apps and games for mobile, social and online platforms. We will offer to investors a share in the profit from selling our products.

Android & iPhone games/apps are spreading fast. More and more mobile customers today are considering using the latest games and apps on their mobiles, so the business scope is large and the market is global.

We are looking forward to start our own games application for Android, iPhone, and other platforms


Wireless computing is not about bringing the Internet to your mobile device. It is about tailoring the right applications that deliver the right information at the right place in the right time. With the persistent growth of the mobile entertainment market, here we are ready to take off and we surely will push the boundaries of Mobile Software and Entertainment Technology.

From idea to execution our unique way of developing simply above par content is the key which differentiates us from the crowd. It is not only about developing the content; it is about catering everybody’s need on our Agenda while working.

We are not planing to creating 1 or 2 application.Our plan is to create multiple applications for Android and iPhone. These applications will then be offered for sale on Google play and Apple store.

We are planning to create educational Apps for students too.
We are looking forward to develop more and more user friendly and creative applications.
We are looking forward to maximising user satisfaction.
We are considering creating city based applications.

Revenue will be generated within 4 to 5 months as we upload the Apps to Google play and Apple store.
We can also upload these apps to personal website.

The Angry Birds is a great example.

To achieve this target we need funding of minimum $30,000.

Offering to Investor:
We will offer Investor profit Share in the product which will be developed.

We can provide you are previous work done by us on apps.

Rationale for the deal

We have more than 4 years of experience in Mobile games application development. We have worked on more than 30 applications for Android and iPhone. Now we want to start our own business in Mobile Apps.

Use of financing

Finance will be used for applications development and мarketing.

Opportunity for the investor

This is a great opportunity to invest in аpplication development. It is forecasted that the gaming industry will generate great opportunities for game developers over the next years.

The gaming industry has grown its presence over various platforms – mobile, online gaming and the industry is growing really fast along with the presence on all these platforms.

This business plan is profitable, so joined hands with us for great experience of Mobile apps.

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