Investor Needed for Software Development and Mechanical Engineering

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company will deal in Software Development, Outsourcing & Mechanical Engineering Project. For its project it needs $300,000 USD at minimum.

The company is internally subdivided into following parts technically:

1. Engineering project data handling
2. Outsourcing
3. Web designing
4. Software development
5. Franchisee handling

These following parts which includes of many miscellaneous sub-processes will be done round the clock in our office:

1) Engineering Project Data Handling
It consists of various processes as follows: data entry ethical and non ethical for engineering and aerospace projects; Program data structure handlings; GUI chart handling; All technical and non-technical script projects; Documentation work for our engineering clients; Projects related to CAD and CAM.

2) Outsourcing
The outsourcing part of our organisation will be the most important key and highly delicate part as the outsourcing will be done between and for the top-notch companies and the most prestigious organisations of the world. We are taking the outsourcing for 5 countries as: Canada, Australia, USA, UK, and Germany (Berlin).
The outsourcings will be of technical, non technical (inbounding and out bounding), OSP (other service providing) kinds.

3) Web Design
Web designing and maintaining the websites will be also one of the important parts, which will include the following parts: XML & HTML programming. Visual Basic script turning; .NET software certification and E.U.L.A. (programming platform and certification management) software (.NET based) development; Security and maintaining the website; Project handling SEO; Rotation of website and ad marketing; Handling of commercial and non-commercial (social or welfare) kind of websites; Script development and selling.

3 Help and Support Websites

4) Software Development
The most complicated part of the project as it will be taken by the technical experts perfect in software and user interface fields: CAD and CAM; Complex engine language experts as Oracle (J2EE), Java (old) and C++ (dot level), Visual Basic script handling and graphical designers user and normal industry based software development; Research based software development; Engineering based software development.

5) Franchisee Handling
• Merging up pre-known & top notch companies via their franchisee
• Franchisee might of following kinds
o Engineering
o Food and beverages
o Software and gaming
o Media and entertainment

Note: There could be several more parts and more differentiable options for the project that are being handled by us. But as far as possible in this proposal just rough, exact and brief information is being given.

So that there could be no doubts regarding the scope for our projects and due to the policies of the corporation we are abide to keep a few key information (e.g. Partner companies, project open scripts, data structures, key contacts, server IP, and clients details) as confidential.

Interested investors from India and abroad can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

The projects of Timeline Technology are for its clients mainly. For this Timeline has contacted already. Its clients are ready to work with it. So we do not have competitions in the market. Our main clients come from USA, UK, Australia & Germany.

Our aim is to develop an enterprenuer of its own type means quite different and develop its structure to meet the requirements of new generation.

It will deal mainly with its clients who are top in the world. ( Secrecy)

Rationale for the deal

In first round we have to work for our clients and offer our services for them and latter on convert this project totally in Mechanical Engineering Project.

Use of financing

Our main expenses in USD:
1. Data purchasing: 150,000
2. Office expenses: 48,000
3. Salary monthly: 44,000
4. Server/computers: 28,000
5. Working capital: 30,000
Total: $300,000 USD

We need this funding to start our project immediately.

We may return this amount of funding within 1 year but it will be decide by mutual consent by both the parties we and investor.

Opportunity for the investor

We have option for investor on Interest base or equity base.

We will set rate of interest or equity and loan/funding period on mutual consent basis as it is a matter of agreement not binding on any parties.

Our project is purely aimed and despite of being target-oriented, it is quality and time oriented; Of course all projects and companies say that they are time oriented but many of them are dominated by race of collection of asset and ignoring their main asset-that is their worker and their quality, as they can’t take out time for them, their real main assets leave them in this horse race generation, I need not to give examples as HCL, SITEL or Sutherland.

And as a sense of proposal I am keeping this thing in mind that investment can only be done on behalf of 90% sure success and 100% trust from and of the organisation. Being a very new firm as a corporation the responsibility to show these factors gets doubled.

I might be young and not that ”rooted in“ in my business experience but on behalf of me and my whole advisory team of technical and economical experts which are engines of my organisation, we can assure you that you will be definitely taking your step to invest heartily for our organization.

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