Localized Mobile Apps Platform Seeks Seed Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our one-year-old localized apps platform enables localized (multi-lingual) in-house and third-party apps to be hosted on it. This allows our user base to search and locate apps using location, language and other demographics-based queries. It helps to cater to localization needs by providing a localization-based context for the apps.

BizCloud localized apps platform enables localized multi-lingual in-house and third-party applications (apps) to be hosted on it. This enables its user-base to search and locate apps using location, language and other demographics based queries.

Various app-stores currently available allow mobile app developers to build and launch apps on them leading to an explosion of mobile apps on various platforms.

However, none of them are able to cater to localization needs. Our apps platform addresses this problem by providing a location-based launch platform.

Value Proposition:
a)Unique Content driven mobile apps platform
b)Unique Localization API integration to enable multi-lingual apps
c)Automatic rendering of localized content on a device, based on user selection
d)Easy Contextual Searching and Catalog for users
e) Ubiquitous integration platform for applications on various categories including B2C/B2B/enterprise etc.
SAAS/Cloud integration platform
f) Allows Third-party apps to be hosted/integrated

Business Development Strategy:
1.Strong implementation team with sound knowledge of Mobile/SAAS technologies
2. Ex-Googler, Krishna Menon is the marketing director;
Indirect sales through operators, 3rd party developers, ISVs for consumer apps
3. Social Media and Electronic Media based marketing;
Direct sales for B2B and enterprise apps
4. Key partnerships with SAAS platform provider (Company ) and exclusive partnership with a company possessing multi-lingual, localization API

Risks and Competition:
1. The Mobile App market in India is still nascent although mobile GPRS users are growing by the minute. At the same time, this field is already mature and crowded in some countries.
2. More than 10 Million Apps already exist on the market.
3. User attention is short for these apps.
4. Mobile app stores like iPhone, Nokia, BB, Operator app-stores and other VAS based app-stores;
Existing B2C apps providers ngPay, Paypal, OnMobile, mChek, InMobi and many other mobile app developers;
Existing B2B and enterprise apps platforms like Blackberry, Sybase, SourceForge, etc.
5. The revenues projected are based on the SAAS and usage model so customer loyalty has to be maintained at all times using certain retention strategies

Risk Mitigation:
1. Existing App Stores provide a lot of mobile apps but do not provide localization (multi-lingual/regional) based context for searches and hosting;
2. Platform-based branded apps are needed for definite visibility;
3. Various business domain-based templates will be pre-loaded onto the technology platform for easy customization of hosted apps;
4. Third-party integration suite will enable third-party developers to build/monetize their apps;
5. Content providers and content aggregators can showcase their content on the platform and monetize it.

BizCloud Localized apps platform is an early stage venture (POC stage) conceived by Biz On Cloud Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company has been in existence for about a year and has developed a few mobile applications already.
The venture is seeking seed capital of 500,000 (USD) for building this localization-based mobility platform.
Contact us on Merar if you are interested investor.

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