Planning to Start Computer Hardware and Cyber Cafe Business

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I am planning to start Computer Hardware and Networking Business. The shops will include a Cyber Cafe and Refreshment space, which is an innovative practice.

Customers can take advantage of food & beverages and by that time their system will be ready. Also they can buy and sell the peripherals of Computer Parts etc.

I am a Software Engineer and Corporate Presentator. My partner is a Computer hardware and Networking engineer.

I am planning to start one service business including small space of refreshment and Internet Accessing Zone.

The idea is to help customers to feel like they are into some shopping center where they can purchase or sell the computer peripherals and also they can enjoy the internet surfing at low cost or membership level with some snacks and refreshments.

As per the marker capitalization for computer hardware and networking market , it growing day by day and one can reach the top level of its revenue.

Having experience in hardware and IT field since 3 Years and presently working in Mumbai, India.

Competitive Advantage

In computer hardware and networking market , market is growing every day by 2-3 %.

Hope to get a best industry revenue and annual profit would be 100000-200000.

Rationale for the deal

We will deal with B2C and B2B both.

For Computer hardware and networking services we can do contracts with Government Banks and Offices , but that can be done after firm registration, for which I require fund.

Also for Hardware Work , My partner will do the field Job and that's sure thinking to get the annual profit of around 1-2 Lakh Rupees.

Use of financing

Need fund as seed. To take office on rent and to do small publications require investors or creditors.

We will pay the monthly EMI as per the terms and also the commission of investors will be valued as per the rules and norms.

Opportunity for the investor

Customers can take advantage of food & beverages and by that time their system will be ready.

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