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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My firm SCHUTZ & KATAGI Design would like to expand in Indian market and start providing new residential property. Idea is to provide affordable but high quality houses by European standards.

SCHUTZ & KATAGI Design planning to open from March 2012 furniture factory in Maharashtra where we would like to produce 2 lines of product. First will be affordable furniture in good quality and great design. Second line will be high end luxury products for our showroom which will be open in Mumbai by January 2011. With our affordable line we would like to sell it throe middle class people between each other with good commission for them. Means that we will support employment in India and we are planning to employee for this purpose 500 - 1000 people. All will be payed on commission base and it will improve their lifestyle.

Currently we are providing Architecture and design services on Indian market and as we would like to expand and provide construction and employment to more people we need investment between 120-180000 dollars. We are offering up to 20% stake in our firm. We believe that on growing Indian market still missing affordable good quality houses and furniture and we would like to fill this gap. The funding will be use for building factory (plot we already have), showroom as we have premises and about 50% of the funding.

Rest we use for the first development project. We already have few customers who waiting for our development as we already created good name in India.

Competitive Advantage

We believe that our main advantage are fresh ideas and also different style of working. We are team of your people who trying to create something different and improve lifestyle in India.

Rationale for the deal

Real estate market in India is growing and we believe that If we offer good quality products people will appreciate it and we will find our clients. Also living standards are improving and people looking for improvement in their homes.

Use of financing

We will use the investment for the finishing our showroom in Mumbai and building a factory approximately 50 km from Mumbai. Then we use some money for starting our first development project. We would like to get about $50000 in first stage and then maximum 2 months later rest of the investment. In the first stage we will finish investment in our showroom and work on our factory will start also.

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