Investment Project for Business Application in Automotive Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Looking for an investor - the business project includes modifying and selling used petrol cars for fuel saving, more power, more driving pleasure, and less pollution.

Increase in mileage 1.5 times than present

· Mileage of petrol car is increased 1.5 to 2 times.

It saves nearly Rs. one lakh per year approx. (using 10 liter petrol per day @ Rs. 60/ltr ). So effective cost of petrol comes to Rs. 35/ltr

Euro IV emission.

· This is basically a chemical modification. Combustion process is boosted, hence no hydrocarbon wastage.

Car becomes euro IV emmision standard.

Higher pickup, No knocking ,smoother engine, No frequent gear changing in trafic.

· Power of petrol is fully explored & utilised, hence this driving pleasure.


How mileage can be increased in the car?

Oxygen & Hydro Carbon ignited with spark in the petrol car engine to get mechanical power. Combustion of Hydro carbon isn’t completed due to these reasons :

1. In atmospheric air, Oxygen is only 21% .Remaining part of the air creates obstacles in combustion process.

2. Very less time is provided for each combination as engine RPM is very high.

We solve these inherent engine problems. It boost combustion process, hence power of engine is almost doubled and this extra power is converted into mileage. Hence mileage is increased with extra power.

Based on the upper explanations, we think we'll be capable of making high profits from the project, depending on the support (business loan) from a potential investor.

Competitive Advantage

World monopoly, no competition exists.

Rationale for the deal

All world car owners are potential customers, no need to calculate anything, just work is needed.

Use of financing

Capital is used for buying used cars, very high returns expected.

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