Ceramic Factory with Land for Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A 700 manpower equipped, fully loaded, 3 shifts ceramic factory with turn over of 7.5 Lacs per day currently running business located in 5.16 Acres of land located in Old Madras Road, NH is for sale.

The seller is going to settle in foreign with his only daughter as he couldn't manage the business at 81 years age. Business has 8 crores of bank loan.

The seller wish to stay with buyer for 6 months till the buyer settles well in business.

This property with business, guest house and with all facilities is for immediate sale.

Competitive Advantage

Tiles Manufacturing is very good growing business in India. We introduce the supplier and buyer of our product. Company registration will be transferred as soon as the deal gets completed.

Rationale for the deal

Rs.2.5 lacs is the turn over per shift. Currently 3 shifts are running well. So monthly minimum of 2 crores business is guaranteed. You can get minimum 5% yield every month. Your total investment Rs.25 crores will be in your hand safely within 3 years.

Use of financing

The seller has 8 Crores bank loan. He need to repay it and settle with her daughter in abroad.

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