Company Expansion for Petrochemical and Defence Projects

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are an EPC Company based in Mumbai, India. We require funds for working capital purpose. In exchange of funds, we offer 50% shares of our firm.

We are an EPC Company with expertise in Fabrication, Erection/Installation, Testing & Commissioning services in areas of Mechanical, Pipeline, Structural, Civil, Storage Tanks etc. Our Company is based in Mumbai since the year 1999.
We also undertake Energy audit, efficiency management as well as Design, Engg. & Fabrication of various burner parts.
In the current scenario, we are having good networks with various PSU’s (Public Sector Undertakings) & Defense Organizations in India. Currently, we can bag around 1800000$ projects. But, we are short of working capital. So, we are looking for a suitable Organization/Individual investor who will be willing to invest in our firm.
Any individual/corporate willing to expand in Indian market & earn good revenue of around 30-40% is welcome. The investor will get 50% shares of our firm and high value projects based on our credentials and business contacts over the years.

Competitive Advantage

We have various local competitors in the field of EPC contracts. But, we have a slight advantage on basis of good quality work.
But, NIL competition in the field of defense services and Design, Engg. & Fabrication of various burner parts, Heat Exchanger, Furnace, Recuperator etc.
With good quality work execution, proper safety & cost-friendly approach, we are going to sustain ourselves in the future.

Rationale for the deal

With funding, we are going to execute the work departmentally; without sub-letting the work. This will generate more revenue & profit. Thus, allowing us to roll the money for further working capital.
Over the last few years, wherever this method has been employed; it has worked wonders.

Use of financing

10% funds will go into the Bank Guarantee & security deposit of the projects,
30% funds will be used for initial investment for manpower & machinery mobilization and work execution,
50% funds will be used for clearing old liabilities.

Opportunity for the investor

Investors will get 50% shares as well as 2 assets worth 430,000 $.
Investors will get unlimited access to Indian Markets.
40-50% ROI within 3 years.

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