Construction of Apartments in Prime Locations in Bangalore

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The objective of the project is to buy plots in prime locations in Bangalore and construct affordable luxury apartments. Our buildings will be green / energy efficient, first of the kind in the residential sector.

A prime location in Bangalore is always on demand irrespective of the market condition. Having a plot in these areas itself puts us on the driving seat with respect to the ROI.

The value addition to our project by the energy efficient/ green tag makes our project a landmark. The prime location of Bangalore (heart of the city) is always a priority for the home buyers.

Competitive Advantage

The so called big players are not entering these locations, since they need bigger plots which are hardly available in the prime locations. There is no competition for the land owners, as most of the medium size builders looks for Joint Ventures with the land owners.

Quality & energy efficient building will be a hot cake – the profit margins in these locations are always 10%-20% more than the projects on city outskirts.

Rationale for the deal

ROI is ensured from the day one because of the location of the project. Each project can be completed between 1 to 1.5 years based on the size. The booking happens as soon as we launch the project. Returns to Investors are very much guaranteed.

Use of financing

Financing is required for:
(1) Purchase of Land - 100% funding
(2) 50% funding of the Cost of Construction of the project from its start.

Opportunity for the investor

(1) ROI is guaranteed because of the project location
(2) Returns will be achieved within 1.5 years maximum or even earlier depending on the size of the project.
(3) Tapping this area ensures the success of the project from the day one.

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