Investment Project for Deepak Estates Private Limited

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This is a completely new process which is based in South India (Kerala and Tamil Nadu). This type of business is usually called "Micro Builder". It includes large-scale construction of new houses and flats (preferably 30 sites per year) and the profit will be very high.

This is a purely construction firm. But the difference is the lack of investing in big budget flats, the money will be put into hot properties (housing plots) in Kochi and Trivandrum (Kerala) during the first phase.

After taking over the property, construction of home of different dimension will take place in multiple plots (let's say 30).

There will be 3 main categories: Silver, Pearl and Diamond - each one depending on the construction cost.

Interested investors can contact us on Merar for more information.


As of now, there are no competitors as it is a new initiative in Kerala.


House plots are very demanding and hot now days. So our website and sales team will make it profitable within a month after completion of the site


I would say it is a hassle-free investment. The plots are boosting its market value daily. If a good home is packed with it, it will be the hottest thing in the city.


If we invest in a new property and construction costs total up to c.a. 35,00,000, we will have completed the construction within 10 months, within 2 months this hot property will be sold. The profit would be not less than 30,00,000.

This is not in a single plot, about 30 projects of this kind are taking place in a year.
So investing an amount of 20 cr will bring a profit at about 10 cr per year (variable, depending on the market conditions).

We will be starting outlets in Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai and Bangalore in the first phase. Later in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, as these places are flooded with NRIs.

In brief, investing 20,00,00,000, we will be getting ~30,00,00,000 after 3 years, which totals up to 150% growth for the money without constriants.

P.S: No recession will be affecting this type of construction as these are house plot.

Use of financing

Projected Financial Information :

Year 1 Rs 20,00,00,000 --- Profit Rs 9,00,00,000

Year 2 Rs 20,00,00,000 --- Profit Rs 9,00,00,000

Year 3 Rs 20,00,00,000 --- Profit Rs 9,00,00,000

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