Eco-Friendly Township

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The idea behind this investment project is to give employment for those who reside in the township. My aim is to produce and use water from sewage treatment, the service that I am rendering for a good habitat to a lower middle class people with their daily earning of minimum of 300/-Rs per day. The required funding is approximately 20Crores.

The cash payback period is about 3 years.

What makes this good business idea?
Because this is a unique project which holds good for a development for lower middle class group with increment for their financial status and hence can lead to over all society development

What is opportunity for the investor?
This project is good for investors because they get good returns on their investment for long terms it helps to promote lower middle class people.

Why would this sell in today’s market?
As slums is developing in city area, so where they have repayment capacity even then have repayment capacity even repayment capacity even then they can’t afford to purchase a good house so we are so we are giving a chance to improve with minimum infrastructure.

What stage of development?
Seed stage.

What is additional funding needed for in future?
Approximately 50cr.

Interested investors can establish contact with the owner on Merar.

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