Excavating and Marketing Granite Blocks

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Excavating and marketing granite rough blocks are in demand in the market and to make high profits. I am aiming to produce granite rough blocks to feed more than 150 granite processing factories in this same area, also there is good demand for this colour in International market.

I am aiming to produce unique colour granite blocks and the same will be processed in the units put up there and want to sell granite polished slabs in Domestic and International market and to compete with CHINA Material Market.
Cash payback period will be within 48 months from the date of funding.
To elaborate on this project I want to work on my own land of more than 3 Hectare which is in Tamil Nadu Tirpattur Area (Krisnagiri T.N) and in the same area Color Paridiso is been excavated and it is already in Domestic and International market with a price tag of Rs.45,000/- (forty five thousand) per cubic meter.

The Unique material I want to excavate and introduce in the market will cost (production) Rs.16,000/-(sixteen thousand) and selling price tag is Rs.35,000/-(thirty five thousand) where is open profit of 120%.
Less risk and good profit and also investment on the period of time is only 48 months. If this goes through well I have plans to plant processing unit of Granite on the same land so the excavated rough granite blocks will be processed in our own factory and will be of Export quality material and will be under one roof.

Today’s Granite market has demand for colours like Black, Yellow, White, Grey, Blue and colour I want to get in the market is Whites grey and I have made samples of the same and done the field work and got orders of 150 cubic meter per month.

Currently I have done all legal documentations and excavating machineries to put and work to be started.

At present we require funding of $60,000. Interested investors can establish contact with me on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

Indirect player of this material is far away from this area and I name the area where this kind of material available is in ORRISA and is 1264KM from Tamil Nadu. And this is fortune I have got this colour material and full sheet deposit underground and excavating can take work for more than 50years and production is continuous for all years as I have taken reports from Geology reports, not oral but put on black and white.

Advantage over competitors is only I can mention is according to Geology report and my experience is we have got full deposit reef to work on the material and will be continuous process of production and can cater International market with Quality and quantity material. Today Granite is lacking in International market is only reason people fail to cater huge quantities and demand for the same uniform material of Granite. Here we are strong to cater any quantity and demand for our material with uniform colour and not changing the price tag depending on the market face value.

Granite is Natural Material and the same cannot be repeated by our competitors and more over we are planning to compete with Vitrified and Artificial stones with uniform in colour and quantity but not toughness and more traffic work.

This is my view and will succeed.

Rationale for the deal

I am clear as I have got 150 cubic meter per month supply of rough blocks to domestic market as I increase my production to 500 - 800 cubic meter per month I will be able to cater International market.

I have clear ideas and the same I have put in my talk there is open Profit of 120% at present and market gives a stand and platform.

I have 16 years experience in this field and at this point I can confidently tell you we can make place in the International market with in a span of 6 months.

To be regular player in the market we have to concentrate on quality production and maintain the dressing and labour power.

Use of financing

With the Investor:
Instalment desired to be as schedule:
1) Excavating machine hiring $5208
2) Labour advance hiring $ 3125.
3) Compressor tractor hiring $ 3125.
4) Tools and Drill rods purchase $ 16 666
5) Rest room civil work for labours $ 6250
6) Diesel to work and blasting material $6770/month.
7) Miscellaneous $ 856
8) Working capital in hand liquid to maintain next 30 days $48 000.

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