Fly Ash Bricks Manufacturing in Ahmadabad Metro City

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Financing is needed to start production of eco-friendly bricks.

We are going to start manufacturing of eco-friendly bricks, a very good concept of new generation bricks. The production of eco-bricks represents a high profit business and a life-long opportunity to support the Real Estate business in Ahmadabad. Our future plan is to develop more manufacturing plants in Entire India, as well as internationally.

For more: see the attachment "Eco Bricks Project Report- Mayank Patel.xls"

Competitive Advantage

Our ECO Bricks Product Information:

Product Production Size: 230x100x75 mm
Product Production;
Type 1) Solid Fly Ash Brick - Without Frog
Type 2) Solid Fly Ash Brick - With Frog
Weight of our bricks is about 3.2 kg
Compressive Strength: 80-125 Kg / cm2

Eco Bricks Salient Features
• Rugged construction
• Dimensional accuracy
• Low water absorption
• High strength
• Long-lasting
• Eco friendly


Higher Compressive strength as compared to any conventional bricks.
Lower water absorption as compared to conventional bricks.
Higher resistance to Salinity & water seepage.
No salt-pitting tendencies / No efflorescence.


Smooth surfaces and uniform sizes.
Better thermal properties.
Thinner masonry joints with higher uniformity.
Higher acceptability for exposed brick masonry work.


Lesser nos. of bricks consumption because of regular full sizes.
Wastage component lower at site.
Lesser cement mortar consumption because of thinner joints.
Saving on plastering due to lesser plaster thickness.
Almost 30% lower cost per unit of construction.

Rationale for the deal

We offer a great opportunity in a new generation eco-friendly business.

Use of financing

The financing will be used for the folowing:

• Machinery and equipment
• Working shed (around 10,000 Sq.Ft)
• Working capital for 3 months
• Other setup expenses

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