Granite Mines Lease Holder Seeking Funds for Mining and Sale

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have fully developed the mines in charge. We need funding for high profile and highly profitable granite mining and sales and export.

The granite product enjoys excellent demand. We are offering 50%-50% profit sharing to the investor. Profit generation will start within 50 days of investment.

The project is about granite mining on our leased mines. The product has excellent domestic and foreign market. Market exists everywhere - from villages to cities to export market.
It is especially hot in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and North of India.

We have developed these mines and we just need to enter the machines, and cut and raise the granite blocks.

Revenue will be generated by selling off the blocks or cutting and polishing granite slabs and tiles from the blocks and then selling those.

We are ready to raise and sell position.
Profit is to be counted at 50 days of investment.

Funding is needed of fund for machineries, product stock, cutting and polishing.

The investment will be returned on a 50%-50% profit sharing basis with the investor.

Competitive Advantage

Sales are guaranteed. We have no competition as all mines we have in operation are for granite naturally colored in special colors.

Rationale for the deal

There is an existing domestic market which is continuously growing.
Granite is always a profitable product.
Each and every businessman related to granite market makes very good money.
I have excellent links to the granite market in in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Use of financing

Funding is required for mining machineries, stock of blocks and granite processing for sale.
We need one single round of financing for 50 days only.

Opportunity for the investor

We need a 300000.00 USD single stroke investment.
We are looking at 50%-50% profit sharing with a silent investor OR payback period of 1 (one) year at respective interest rate as proposed by the investor. We are also open to discuss any other terms and conditions the investor might like to put forward.

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