Infrastructure, Governmental Jobs

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Till Aug 11, we have in hand Govt orders of INR 203.69 Crs, we are having sources to raise the order book by double within Dec11. We are planning to go in IPO in 48 months. We want an expansion fund of around 15% of upcoming confirm Govt. Orders to execute the business plan. Upcoming order value of INR Rs 218 CRs.

We want to catch the huge opportunity in Infrastructure construction business.
Allthe jobs we currently have in hand needs to be completed in next 28 months i.e by 2013.

If fund is in place we are having oppurtunity to hold another INR 500 Crs job.
We want to be in Highway Construction Job, in which we have our expertise.

Our main strength is our Engineering strength. As we have started our journey in 2006, with Project Consultancy Jobs,

In which we have executed some landmark projects in country, has increased our credential in the industry, so with an turnover of
INR 10 Crs, we have been awarded with some Highway construction jobs, and have been invited to do more jobs.
The Jobs we have choosen to execute are highly technical jobs and have a return of 12 %.

In Govt. infrastructure jobs , there is provision of getting advance against Bank Guarantee upto an extent of 15 % of job value, but that also attracts 14 % interest.

If the fund is available at 10 % interest., the additional outcome can be utilised for companies growth in human resource, machnery
Investor not have to invest at a time , only invest in successive pattern against order values can work wonder.

We are doing National highway authority job for Rs 160 Crs, another sub station job for 43.69 Crs till feb11.

Competitive Advantage

There is competetion in Infrastructure jobs, but the industry is so big with an upcoming plan for growth of $ 1- $ 2 trillion. So in terms of
job the market is too large.
Organised construction house is limited either by finance or lac of technical knowledge.

The way we are placing our companies operation, in which we will find ourselve ahead of our competitor.

We are enriched with expert engineers, and our consultancy background , have made us ahead of players now existing.

And it can be understood by our order book. As a new company we have been able to grab order of such big amounts, which shows our eligibility to sustain any sort of competetion.

Rationale for the deal

We have opportunity to get Highway Construction Jobs of amount INR 2000 Crs in next four Years.

In Infrastructure we have unique resolving technique to generate 12% of profit on Job Values after all expenses.

So in this fashion we are projecting about INR 25 Crs profit for jobs already in be completed by 2013 Feb.

In next upcoming INR 500 Crs job by 2012 we are projecting a profit of INR 60 Crs by 2014.

Yes if you see the organised infrastructure companies, are doing very good, and also grow very steadily.

Use of financing

Investment needed 15 % of current order of INR Rs 210 Crs i.e INR 30 Crs.

Reason for raising fund to meet the working Capital, Purchase of Modern

Equipment, Increase in Human Resource.

Desired investment schedule can be derived seeing our cash flow.

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