Innovative Semi-Automatic Painting Machine to be Developed and Sold

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to build a semi-automatic painting machine which will be used to paint particular structures. Funding of $10000 is required.

With the help of a special technology the painting will be finished fast and effective. Maintenance of the plant structure will also be part of the service.


This is a basic spider technology. My machine uses the same technology to climb the plant structure and the bridge. All the legs of the spider are fitted with Electro magnets which will stick to the structure while climbing.

Rotary wire brush or spray gun will be fitted to the spider to bring them to the location where the cleaning has to be done. Rotary wire brush will be replaced with rotary painting brush while painting.

Plant structure:

One of the structures we are going to paint is a plant, as shown in the image. There are many maintenance tenders going on all around the world. Maintenance refers to keeping the structure in good condition and to protect it from industrial dust and saline condition.

Nowadays painting and maintanence is done by hand as plants have complicated structure. Due to structure and hight there is always concern about the safety of the working men. Furthermore, there is demand for very skilled manpower to do the work.

I want to offer a simple and efficient way to do this work quickly and skillfully.

My spider construction will move fast and efficient to the corner and top with the help of its magnetic legs. Two cameras will be fitted on the spider to create visualizationof the area to be worked upon. The cameras will be controlled by joy stick from the ground. When the spider units go up an additional accessories spider unit will assist to carry the main spider while going up. This will reduce the weight of the the main spider holding the tools.

This is a good project idea because by using the machine we will reduce the costs and increase the profit.

The project is the first of its kind in India. Currently, it is only on paper.

An investment of around $100000 is needed.

The investment will be paid back as soon.

Competitive Advantage

This is a completely new project; as far as I know no one else has offered to do the painting.

Nowadays manpower is expensive, and by usung a semi-automated approach we will cut costs.

Rationale for the deal

I will be paid for executing the painting project. Furthermore, as a developer I will have the opportunity to widen my knowledge through the project.

Use of financing

Funding will be needed for:
- Constructing the machine
- Working capital

The first installment is to be $ 10000 US dollars.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will be able to buy the painting manufacture as soon the project starts.
There are lots of painting tenders already available.

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