Investments Needed for Property Development Based in Gujarat

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This project is for 100 flats; Average Return: 50% in 1.5 years; Total Investment: 1 million; Expected Investment: $400k; Minimum Investment: $100k.

Flat Size: 135 Sq. Yards (built up area of 100 Sq yards), 5 blocks of 20 flats each. Target market: Indians, Middle Income group;

Our Assets: Our land is worth 1.8 million today but have only 10% of working capital.
ROI: 50% in 1.5 yrs.

Security: This property development site project is working under series of other projects in the region. There is secure return for the investor and we will give ownership of few flats as safety of the funds (equal to 110% of the invested amount).

Legal: We will do legal agreement and bound to give returns. You are protected by Indian law.

Why Invest Here: This area is one of the fastest growing region and we have bookings for flats already in place.

You can enter the property market and can reinvest the profits. Our aim is to return your capital first so you can play with profits.

Stage: We are already submitting the land papers for approval that will take around 2-3 months.

We need funding in stages to manage the construction cost. If there is enough booking we can give the investment money + interest per month on the money.

Investors can contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

We have good network for marketing the product. We have good professional architect and relation with the department to expidite the matters.

Rationale for the deal

Property business in India is thriving and people are looking for quality homes. Currently there are 30 property developers operating in the region.

Use of financing

We need money for Construction.
Getting banks loans is not easy and we prefer private investor so we can work as a team. We also have other land to be developed.

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