Steel Products Manufacturing for Automobiles and Playground Equipment

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We intend to harness the potential of steel in 3 areas: Steel frames for automobiles; Steel in construction projects; Steel products in playground equipments.

We are looking to modulate steel for 3 areas of operation.

We would start with producing steel frames for 2-wheelers. Orders for this product are already received.

In the next phase we will diversify with playground equipments and, finally, with construction products.

Our initial plan is to start a molding unit in Nagpur.
We would need around 2000 sqft. space. The land and machine investment needed is roughly 5 lakhs. The machines would be developed in-house to reduce cost.

We would need another 10 lakhs to purchase stocks for molding and other processes.

The ROI is roughly 30% in the automobiles stream, and 300% in the playground equipment stream and the construction projects.

We have all the necessary expertise in this area. We are looking for partners to provide us with the necessary funding and to work with us in establishing this business.

The long-term perspectives are very good as steel is replacing iron in all areas. We already have orders from 2-wheeler vendors and others.

We have laid down the roles of our potential hands-on partners and intend to return the investment to our funding partners, giving them a life-time profit sharing oppurtunity.

Competitive Advantage

We have the necessary expertise to develop high quality product at a low cost and earn very good returns.

Use of financing

We would need 25 lakhs as initial investment:

1) 5 lakhs to start plant operation, registration, etc.;
2) 10 lakhs for stock;
3) 10 lakhs as back-up capital in case of emergency.

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