Electronic Components Dealer in India Looking for Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Electronic Components

Investment Opportunity

The business is about importing Electronic Components from US, Singapore, UK, and HK and selling them to the end users in India. Funding needed to purchase import goods.

Ours is a small set up started 11 months ago based in Bangalore.

We are trading with all kinds of Electronic Components: active and passive components, semiconductors, connectors used for manufacturing, electronic products used in Telecommunication, Solar & Lighting, Instrumentation, Defence and other sectors.

We are importing and selling them to the end customers for their R&D or manufacturing processes.

Use of financing

We are looking for funds up to $10000 so that we can improve the turnover and stabilize the business.

Opportunity for the investor

We are open to discuss with the investors the investment and payback terms.

(cc) Image courtesy by Alexandra Cárdenas

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