Investment Project for Electronics Manufacturing

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Project of NanoTech PCB is proposed to achieve forward integration to our product design services by undertaking manufacturing.
This project will help customers to source their electronics design, development, prototyping and mass manufacturing requirements from a single point.

The Industry :

India is projected to emerge as a major hub for electronics equipment manufacturing and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) over the next decade for the domestic and global markets. The demand in the Indian market stands at US$45 Bn in 2009 and is projected to grow to US$125 Bn by 2014 and US$400 Bn by 2020.

Domestic consumption is expected to grow exponentially at a CAGR of 22% for the period 2009–2020. But Domestic production on the contrary is growing only at 14% and would only be US$ 104 Bn which indicates a clear gap in demand and supply and at this rate, gap will only widen all the more. This means a “Huge opportunity for local manufacturing by domestic and global companies.”

The growth in demand of electronics in past few years has already attracted global electronics equipment manufacturers like LG, Intel, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, and EMS companies like Solectron, Flextronics, Jabil, Elcoteq, Foxconn and many others have made large investments.

The Company :
We are an Electronics product design and development company formed in March 2002 to offer a range of technology solutions to the global electronics industry. Integrating Information Technology as part of our strategy and services, we help the industry to be globally networked and competitive.

We have strong background in Electronics Design/ Development, PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly and Component Sourcing. Typically, we take it from a concept and deliver finished prototypes and help mass manufacturing successfully.

The Project:

The project will start with manufacturing of 1 layer and 2 layer PCBs and will expand to 20 layer PCBs in Phase 1 and Phase 2 in about six months with an installed capacity of 5500 Sq. Mtr of PCBs.

For further expansion plans, the project will add PCB assembly facilities to offer turn-key solutions to customers. After completing expansion of Phase 3 and 4, the project will have installed capacity of 120 Mn components assembled per month.

Total project cost is $ 5,762,000 Mn including $ 979,000 towards working capital. $ 1,105,000 are being funded by the promoters and $ 4,657,000 are sought from the lenders.

It is projected to achieve sales of $ 776,000 during financial year Apr 2009- March 2010 (6 months), $ 4,562,000 during 2nd year and $ 7,021,000 during 3rd year registering a net loss of $ 572,000, profit of $ 779,000 and $ 1,523,000 respectively during the period.

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