Energy Turnkey Solutions Provider

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our High-Tech Energy Solutions company has an idea of running Turnkey Projects that include Operation, Maintenance & Augmentation. The State Electricity Board has launched so many Power, Hydel & Hydro projects in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir. The scopes of the upcoming projects are heavily increasing.

Our company is aiming to get into assembling of Solar Panels and Solar Chargers, as well as into importing batteries. In India the Solar concept is totally new and is promoted by the Government. Investing in this business must bring a good return. The cash payback period would be two to three years and ROI shall be around 22% on 1 crore.

The oppurtunity for the investor is that their money is secure and retrun can also be increased. Today's market is booming day by day and the demand is also increasing. Moreover, supply is not up to the mark. The project is on a start up stage and can further grow if the Investor gets timely involved.

Competitive Advantage

There are many players in the market but as the demand is increasing the supply needs to be fulfilled. We have the advantage, or, you can say the positiveness, that we know where to get the extra business from. Furthermore, if we provide quality product and service the company will sustain for years.

Use of financing

The total Investment needed is 10 crore.

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