Hybrid Refrigerator cum Vacuum Chamber

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

A vacuum-chamber stores food for a longer time than a refrigerator while consuming less energy. In a conventional-refrigerator, a lot of energy ( electricity ) is wasted on chilling food so that it does not decompose, whereas vacuuming is a much more efficient way of preserving food.

Such vacuum chambers already exist in the market but they are too small to become a commercial success. If a larger vacuum-chamber is amalgamated with a conventional refrigerator (preferably below the refrigerator), then it will become popular.

Since most people will not buy both a refrigerator ( for making ice and chilling drinks ) as well as a vacuum-chamber ( for storing food ), it will be affordable for them to buy a Hybrid Refrigerator cum Vacuum Chamber.

Competitive Advantage

It will become more popular than a conventional refrigerator as it will consume less electricity while preserving food fresher for a longer time.

Rationale for the deal

Whereas a conventional refrigerator can store food fresh for about a week, the Hybrid Refrigerator cum Vacuum-Chamber can keep food fresh for more than a month. It will also consume about half the energy ( current ) that a refrigerator consumes ( the suction-pump will operate for only about a couple of minutes after the door of the vacuum-chamber is closed ).

Although this device will cost about 50 % more than a conventional-refrigerator, it will still become more popular as it will consume less energy and preserve food for a longer period.

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