Manufacturer of Power Electronics Products Seeks Expansion Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The company plans to have substantial expansion in production and infrastructure development. The company has intangible & Tangible assets and established brand name.

The Company is installing a production capacity of value Rs.350 to 400 million per annum along with built up space for sublease to industry value Rs.45-50million per annum.

Substantial Expansion and Diversification plan for the existing Company. The Company is pioneer in power electronic products in production since 1995. The company has made niche in the power electronics market in India. The company now plans to have a substantial expansion in production and Infrastructure Development Program and has formulated Investment Invitation Herring Proposal as below:

a/ The Company Proposes to install a production capacity of Power Electronics Products Value Rs. 3500 – 4000 Lacs per annum. In addition to creating an infrastructure extra Space having a sublease value 450 – 500 Lacs Per annum

b/ The Details of the Power Electronics Products currently being manufactured and proposed to be manufactured under this plan are available with us with depth market survey.

c/ The Company owns a plot measuring 6633.35 sq. yards having the most strategic Location. The Company has a building having a carpet area of 21735 sq. ft. The Company proposes to add New Proposed Building having additional carpet area of 75,000 sq. ft making a total area of 1,00,000 sq. ft.

The Company shall sublease constructed area for which it has received a demand. It has installed Plant & Machinery and also Propose to install additional latest Plant & Machinery for increasing the production capacity multi fold. The Company also has stocked sufficient raw material and components. The Company has trained manpower, know-how & established brand name of its products. The assets of the Company have not been evaluated as on date.

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