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Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Lowest price in India, with new technology, Smart TV in India, Projector & 3D TV at a very low price.

We are looking for investor as equity basis & partnership.

Our target is sales turnover 50 cr in next 2 years.

Market opportunity in very high because LCD tv is replacing to CRT tv.

Rural area is biggest market.

We have good marketing support.

We have business consultant from IIM & IIT

We need approx. 1cr to 2 cr investment. Investor will receive fixed return and variable returns behalf of their investment.

Investors can furthermore contact us on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

We have lot of company in India for LCD and LED.

Our main market in rural area because they need product with lower price which we are providing them.

We think that right place, at right time will always success in market with good marketing strategy.

Rationale for the deal

we have very good contact in market because all team is related from same field.

Making money is not a big issue But we are 100% sure about our quality & service

Use of financing

1cr to 2 cr
we want to place our product in every part of india & marketing support

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