Batteries for BOV-Battery Operated Vehicles

Opportunity Snapshot

Battery image

Investment Opportunity

We have projects for import of batteries. We would like to import and sell to OEM of BOV.

1. Import of Electric Bike Batteries
2. The ROI is around 40%
3. As the petrol prices are increasing & renewable energy has great scope in India & batteries are of great demand due to lack of manufactures in India.
4. Investors can take the ROI with in the specific period as per the agreements.
5. India is a booming market and as of now all the BOV are on the initial stage, very soon this BOV will be the next market on both segment, Two wheeler & four wheeler.
6. Presently I'm selling the batteries direct from the china to India.
7. Funding required for importing around 3 container minimum, per container the cost involved is around 80lakh, without custom duty and other charges

Competitive Advantage

1. Presently there are few importers in India, who sells these batteries, still there requirement for the batteries is huge
2. As i sell batteries, that are of high quality, from china largest manufacture and the price is very competitive compared with the other distributors in India.
3. The success cannot be repeated by competitors as they all work towards the goal to sell low price batteries, and they do not sell battery charger to BOV.

Rationale for the deal

1. Strength,-Supply high quality batteries with battery charger
Weakness; do not have real funding to operate this project
Opportunity: Have the tie up with the china largest batteries manufactures and the batteries are tested and proved with India with OEM.
Threats: Within few many importers will be there in Indian market and also few manufactures
2. Can see volumes in import
3. Yes as of now few importers are making profits, but BOV are looking for quality batteries from reliable source and a distributor who can give them technical support on how to improve the battery life

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