Buying, Cutting and Selling Rough Diamonds

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My investment project involves:

1) Buying rough diamonds from any mining country;
2) Cutting these rough diamonds (using laser technology) according to the inside geometry so as to get the maximum yield;
3) Selling these rough diamonds to diamond polishing units.

To identify rough diamonds that may give maximum yield requires sharp skills and huge experience.

Returns on each transaction range from 20% to 30%. Each transaction will be completed within in one month

Provided that 95% of the diamonds the world requires is being cut and polished in India, my project represents a good business opportunity.

Competitive Advantage

The polishing units require a large amount of rough diamonds every day. Our technique allows us to sell the rough diamonds to the polishing units at an attractive price, which will put us at an advantage over other rough diamond sellers.

Use of financing

Finance is required for the purchase of rough diamonds.
No finance is needed for the machinery required to cut the diamonds,these operations can be performed on job work basis (using laser technology).

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