Energy and Natural Resources Project Looking for Investment

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: India India
  • Industry: Energy, Natural Resources, Mining
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Years in operations: 2011, Employees: 16
  • Investment size: $5,000,000 / min. $3,000,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Funding is required to import Indonesian coal and export low grade iron ore fines. The company is having confirmed orders for the above products.

We want to export low grade iron ore fines to China and we want to import Indonesian coal for domestic consumption. The above orders are already finalized and we are yet to receive letters of credit from the respective parties.

The company is going to offer investors 12.5% on their investment and will hold the investment for 2 repeated orders i.e., 120 days. The company will provide necessary securities if required for both equity and debt.

The total project timeline is 40 days from the date of receipt of the letter of credit.

We require the fund to materialize these 2 orders.

The return on investment is 25% for a period of 120 days.

Competitive Advantage

There are more than 100 importers and exporters but we are different from others in that we have confirmed orders with letters of credit from prime Banks of the world. Once we complete this order we will get repeated orders, as our quality and quantity of the material will be subject to the contract or agreement with buyers.

Rationale for the deal

Once we fulfill our commitment of supply, we will get confirmed and repeated orders from the same customer, there is lot of demand for Indonesian coal in India and also we are having confirmed orders from Chinese importers for low grade iron ore fines.

We are having 10 years of experience in this field, so we know the genuine buyers.

Use of financing

We require at least $3 million which can be rotated for 3 rounds in a year.

Opportunity for the investor

If we get debt investment we will pay it back within a period of 12 months, and the interest rate will be 18% p.a.

If the investment is in equity form we will pay dividend of 15 % to 25%.

We would welcome both hands-on and silent investors.

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