Equity Investment Needed for Production of Green Electrical Energy

Opportunity Snapshot

Green Power Generation An entirely new concept for production of green and low-cost energy. Image Courtesy: Beppie K, 2005, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

This is a new concept in the production of electrical energy that will have a world-wide impact as a source of cheap and clean energy.

Our plan is to develop:
At Phase I: 2 units of 250 KW output at a cost of $100,000 /- (one hundred thousand dollars)
At Phase II: Output of 10 MW energy to connect to existing electrical grids at a cost of about $1,000,000/- (one million dollars)

We will sell the idea and the electricity produced to state electricity boards first in India, then world-wide.

The investor can opt for shares in the company.

Competitive Advantage

There are no competitors for this invention.
This is an entirely new concept.
The concept does not use conventional fuels like water, coal, nuclear inputs. It requires minimum area and the initial cost is much less than what is needed in the above forms of production of electricity.

Opportunity for the investor

We expect the investor to be a silent investor.
The investor or investor group will be offered a share of 30% from profits after meeting all expenses and the amount needed for future expansion as demand increases.

Once the 10 MW output is successfully realised and connected to the grid, the investor will be expected to finance more plants to be set up.

We need funding until the payments start coming in from the various state electricity boards and private consumers.

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