Granite Factory Start-up

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Purpose of the project is to renew the granite minining lease and establish a factory. We will cut the raw granite blocks and send the granite to the polising unit.

Initially, I need a good bussiness partner or a bussiness loan up to 1 crore of Indian currency. Having up to 2 investors is recommended.

I like the new bussiness or finance partner to join me until 15 January 2012.

Aims: To get the granite permit renewal from Tamilnadu government;
To establish a granite factory at granite land.

Cashback period: Approximately 3 to 5 years or as per norms.

Idea: To cater for the local and interstate granite purchase orders that we already have.

Investor opportunity: The investor will be treated as a direct partner for the property and will be paid a profit share as per auditors' advice.

Presently, the granite sales in the market are stable.

For the moment being, the granite work has been held up because of the need for further renewal of the mining lease from Tamilnadu government.

The company is registered at Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu and has a current bank account with the Indian Bank at Krishnagiri (there's also a PAN Card).

Additional funds of up to 2 Crore Indian currency are required for the purchase of additional land of 5 acres and for a further establishment of a factory.

Competitive Advantage

1. A major demand for granite has been received from a Trust for supply of approx. 10 crore granite at Bangalore.

2. We have a supply order from Kerala state for regular supply of approx. 200 tons polished granite every month.

3. Hard work never goes unrewared. We can win the competition by using proper marketing tools.

4. We have a strong marketing team within our company to bring success to the bussiness for the last five years.

Rationale for the deal

I would like to get the renewal for the granite site from Tamilnadu government, establish a factory and become a good Industrialist in the country. I feel it is a good opportunity because in my understanding good production and best marketing makes good money.

There are many players in the field that are making good money from this bussiness in my location.

Use of financing

The total investment requirement amounts two crore Indian Rupees.

The reason for finance is to renew the granite land for cutting, to establish a polishing granite factory and to perform marketing activities in the field.

The desired investment installment schedule is: two lakhs Rupees per month for approx. 5 years or as per norms.

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